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  • Company:ChemStrong Scientific Co.,Ltd is a rapidly growing company specialized in developing, manufacturing and supplying the Natual Chemicals(Tradtional Chinese Medicine Reference Chemicals),High Quality Pharmaceutical Intermediates&Metabolites and other Specialty Chemicals for research and industrial application in contemporary drug discovery and development. An important reason for customers to choose ChemStrong is that doing business with us is by no means merely an requested from the customer, but the latter may still encounter some unexpected failures and bumps on route to the execution of a desired synthesis of the final target. Scientists at ChemStrong Laboratory would provide valuable suggestions and advices for our customers in overcoming these challenges."Pursuit of Customers' satisfaction is our first responsibility" ,  we firmly believe that clients' success is our success.


  • Product:Most of products are developed by our own lab with HPLC,NMR,MS certificated;Some from our Chinese partner,all of them have strictly quality control.For other compound not in the web,please feel free to contact us,we welcome any inquiries on our custom synthesis.


  • Quality Control:Most of products'purity can reach more than98%.We use modernize high-tech including HPLC,UV,NMR,MS test method to assure the purity and can offer these test spectroscopy as you requiried.


  • Packing:Our packing is 10mg/20mg/50mg/100mg, other packages are available according to customer's request. Each product is labeled with detailed information.




  • Profession:we have a professional team in medical research and analysis,for that we can provide perfect pre-sale advice and after-sale service of the commidity for every customer.


  • Absorption: Concentrating on medical research all the time enable us to provide the newest and most comprehensive products for our customers.


  • Concentration: we continuously improve our service ability .On the premise of ensuring product quality ,we try our best to reach customer’s expect through by the reasonable price, fast delivery and perfect after-sale service.



Professional Supporter For Pharmaceutical R&D